Thanks a MILLION to the State of California

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Napa Valley is thrilled to announce a transformative milestone for the American Canyon community. Through an exceptional allocation of $1.1 million from the State of California with the support of Senator Bill Dodd, the remaining construction loan for the American Canyon Clubhouse has been settled. This substantial investment propels the Club’s mission to provide an engaging environment for the youth of our community and fosters their growth into responsible and productive citizens. This investment will be publicly recognized in the form of a public check presentation with Senator Dodd at the American Canyon Clubhouse at noon on August 12.

In the wake of the completion of the new American Canyon Clubhouse on Benton Way in 2018, the Boys & Girls Club faced a daunting financial challenge due to unforeseen construction cost overruns. Despite diligent planning and careful management, the organization bore the burden of an additional $1.4 million in debt. While the weight of this financial setback has been managed exclusively by the Boys & Girls Club, that hasn’t changed its continued commitment to enrich the lives of countless youth at the American Canyon Clubhouse since its opening. These services have been provided at little to no cost to families who rely on these vital programs. “The Club is a huge blessing for my family. I can work and I don’t have to worry about my child. I know he is safe and cared for,” said an American Canyon Parent.

Investments of this magnitude hold immense significance in shaping the well-being and development of our community. By supporting organizations like the Boys & Girls Club, the state and Napa Valley community at large are making a profound investment in our children’s future and the future of American Canyon. The impact of such investments is noteworthy:

Empowering Youth: The Clubhouse is more than just a place for afterschool activities; it serves as a haven for our youth to flourish academically, emotionally, and socially. This substantial allocation allows us to enhance our programs and expand facilities, reaching an even broader demographic of youth.

Strengthening Communities: At the heart of the Boys & Girls Club lies the essence of community building. By investing in the Clubhouse, we foster lasting friendships, mentorship opportunities, and a sense of belonging, thus creating a stronger, more cohesive community.

Curbing Juvenile Delinquency: Research highlights that constructive after-school activities significantly reduce the likelihood of engaging in delinquent behaviors. With improved resources and expanded activities, the Clubhouse plays a pivotal role in guiding our children towards a positive and promising future.

Supporting Working Families: For working parents, finding affordable and reliable care for their children can be a challenge. The Boys & Girls Club addresses this crucial need by offering a secure and supportive environment, allowing parents to pursue their careers with confidence.

In response to this incredible gift, the Boys & Girls Club is inviting the entire American Canyon community to join us for a celebration of this remarkable support. Residents, families, and supporters are all encouraged to join us and California State Senator Bill Dodd who will present the funds publicly at noon during the upcoming Back2school Block Party on August 12. This community event, organized by the Boys & Girls Club, will take place on August 12, from 11 am to 4 pm, promising an engaging and enjoyable day for families, friends, and neighbors.

“Community events like the Back2School Block Party and Boys & Girls Clubs go hand in hand because they’re all about building relationships within our community.” Says Greg Bouillerce, Executive Director of the Club. “These events allow families, friends, and neighbors to come together and build lasting connections. The Boys & Girls Club, as a cornerstone of community support, naturally complements these events by providing a safe and inclusive space in which to build these relationships. It also never hurts to have a nice frozen otter-pop on a hot day in good company!”

During the Check Presentation Ceremony, the Club will not only celebrate the successful settlement of the construction loan but also acknowledge the invaluable contributions made by our community in supporting the Clubhouse and its initiatives. This is an opportunity for us to unite, express gratitude for the state’s belief in our mission, and showcase the positive impact the Clubhouse has had on the lives of our youth and the American Canyon Community.

The Back2school Block Party will feature an array of free activities, including games, jump houses and inflatables, a rock-climbing wall, art displays, educational booths, and much more. It is a day to express our collective commitment to the future and to revel in the accomplishments we have achieved together.

Together with the backing of the community and the recent state allocation, we are poised to achieve even greater strides for the children of American Canyon. Please join us on August 12, from 11 am to 4 pm, at the American Canyon Clubhouse for the Back2school Block Party and Check Presentation Ceremony. We look forward to seeing you!

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