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We are dedicated to being a positive influence for every child who joins our program.

Board of Directors


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Associate Board

The Associate Board is a platform for people who care about and support the mission of the Club but have either offboarded or lack sufficient time, experience, familiarity, or resources to fully execute the role of a voting Corporate Board Member. The Associate Board also functions as an entry point for the next generation of BGCNV Corporate Board members and as an exit point for board alumni so that they can stay connected to the Club. Interested in getting involved?

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Greg Araujo, Accendo Cellars

Jaime Araujo, Accendo Cellars

Ed Berruezo*, Morgan Stanley

Ryan Brennan*, Vantage Capital

Tom Feutz*, USAF Retired

Jason Holly, City Manager

Tiffany Iverson, MFT

Kasama Lee, Realtor

Bryan Lipa, Scale Wine Group

Willa Mcmanmom, Blue Shirt Group

Tom Nelson*, Retired

Beth Painter, City Council, Napa

Mary Rezek, Executive Leadership

Jed Silver, Workforce Service Specialist

Cory Wagner, Last Bottle Wines

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