Fine Arts Show

April 22, 2024

The Boys & Girls Clubs Fine Arts Show is an exciting event that celebrates the artistic talents of children in the local community. At Boys & Girls Clubs, fine arts enrichment is a key component of our program, and this show highlights the amazing creativity of our members.

During the Fine Arts Show, children’s artwork is displayed and judged in a professional format. The artwork is locally produced and showcases the unique talents of each child. The judges review the artwork based on medium and a set of criteria such as creativity, technique, and overall impact.

The Boys & Girls Clubs Fine Arts Show is more than just an art display. It is a celebration of the hard work and dedication that children have put into their artwork, and it provides an opportunity for children to showcase their skills and talent to a wider audience.

If selected, children’s artwork from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Napa Valley’s Fine Arts Show will go on to compete at a national level. This provides children with an exciting opportunity to compete against other talented artists from across the country, and to receive recognition for their hard work and talent.

Participation in this event is offered exclusively to Club members. If you are interested in working as a judge, hosting this exhibition, or learning more about how your child can participate please contact your site’s Program Director to learn more or contact us at

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