Our After-School Programs

Because when School is Out, Clubs are In!

When you think of the Boys & Girls Club you often think of little kids playing and doing crafts, BUT that’s only where we get started. The Club is so much more than crafts and thats even more true with the work we’re doing for and with local teens.

Need help with homework? We got you. Want to learn more about a specific subject or get tutoring? We can make that happen to. At “The Club” we’re just here to help.

We help teens maintain a healthy lifestyle through community building but also more formally as we create pathways to mental, emotional, and behavioral health.

Art is important at any age. Thats why we create time and space for teens to explore everything from physical arts to music, dance, and more!

Dodgeball, Basketball, Fencing… The Club has done it all. We believe that physical fitness is an essential part of the teen experience.

Our staff are experts at community engagement and confront teens with experiences and opportunities to make a difference right here in Napa Valley.

Youth of the Year

At the Boys & Girls Club, we believe in the importance of recognizing youth for their personal achievements as a vehicle for inspiration, encouragement and success. Becoming Youth of the Year is an exciting and inspiring journey. Our candidates are identified through years of participation both at the Club and through our elementary school programs. Of our over 4,000 registered, only four are offered the opportunity to participate in the Youth of the Year event.

Ready. Set. Work.

What do you want to do? That question lies at the core of who we are as an organization. We believe in the value of reshaping what it means to be successful by normalizing career paths that don’t necessarily include a college degree. We need thinkers, but we also need doers. We need mechanics and welders, graphic designers and contractors.

Choosing a career as a teen is incredibly stressful. Most of the careers they are familiar with are limited to those of their parents and immediate mentors. That’s why we rely on a series of panel discussions centered around specific and wine country centric career paths featuring people from within our community. These happen monthly and are the first step in our Ready. Set. Work. approach.

Our staff help vet and identify opportunities for exploration and use software to guide the progress of our teens toward being workforce ready upon graduation.

We use virtual reality to help teens familiarize themselves with cross trainable skills and career paths including food safety, hospitality, heavy equipment operation and more! The available career paths are dynamic and always expanding.

Finally we leverage local partnerships to create viable paid and unpaid career internships with industries specific to the needs of the Napa Valley. These internships are facilitated by the club but orchestrated independently between the business and teens who are taught how to prepare a resume and interview. This ensures that teens get an independent view on a viable career paths and first hand knowledge as to whether the career is of interest to them upon graduation.

Great Futures Road trip

What do you want to do? You don’t have to know your path right now. As a teen, you just need to try on a bunch of things to figure out what you like. Position yourself to have meaninful experiences and embrace those experiences for all they have to offer. That’s the mentality behind the Great Futures Road Trip, through which we send teens on a week long road trip to a series of colleges, trades schools, and cities.

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