Club 1515 Teen Center

1515 Pueblo Ave, Napa, CA 94558

2023 – 2024 School Year Enrollment

Submitting an application does not guarantee a space in the program at this time. Based on the number of applications received during the pre-enrollment period, we will determine whether or not a lottery will be necessary.

Find us 

Please meet us at our front desk in the Lobby of the Clubhouse!

School Year Hours

School Release to 7:00PM

Grade Levels Served

9th-12th Grades

Hi there I am Josh the Director of Teen Services! Welcome to Club 1515 – The Napa Valley’s ultimate place for teens! If your teens are looking to unwind, socialize, find community, and participate in a variety of teen driven activities and events, this is the place for them! The Teen Center provides an inclusive environment that includes everything from video games, recreational game tables, homework help, and a kitchen full of healthy snacks. Our passionate staff are dedicated to ensuring our members have a positive experience afterschool with programming in Academic Success, Leadership and Workforce Development, The Arts, Recreational Sports, Volunteerism and empowering what matters to them most. At The Club, there’s a place for everyone. So, what are you waiting for?! Send your teen and help them become a member of our 1515 community!

During this time, children have the opportunity to engage in unstructured play activities or socializing with their peers over a healthy snack. This allows children to unwind after a long day at school and gives them a chance to release some energy in a fun and safe environment. With a snack provided, children can refuel and continue their activities for the remainder of the afternoon program.

Power Hour is OUR TIME FOR HOMEOWORK. We set aside an hour every day for homework help, tutoring, academic skill building, and collaborative learning activities to encourage self-directed learners. What happens when kids don’t have homework? We encourage kids to read and offer an array of academic activities.

Enrichment at the refers to a range of activities and programs designed to support the educational, social, and emotional development of children and youth. Enrichment programs aim to help children and youth develop important life skills, build self-esteem, and promote positive behavior, while also providing a safe and supportive environment for them to learn and grow.

Weekly Enrichment Schedule

Commonly Asked Club Questions

We do our best to keep fees as low as possible. Annual Registration Fee: $50.00 Monthly Program Fee: $125.00

There is currently no Summer Camp available at this location, please visit the American Canyon Clubhouse location for more information.

We do our best to keep fees as low as possible. Current members are charged $10 per day upon entry prior to 3:00 PM. Current members may participate in Club programs after 3:00pm free of charge.

Yes, you can pay fees online, but payment should not be confused with registration. Children who have not previously registered may be required to pay their Annual Registration Fee of $50 prior to attending any of our programs. Parents should ALWAYS check first with their site to ensure that their child is signed up and to inquire as to any outstanding balances prior to paying online.

No. While applications are available for download and payments can be submitted on-line, space is limited. Please call your site to ask about signing your child up.

Yes, a two item snack is offered to every child at no additional cost.

Yes, your child is welcome to call you on our club phone when it is available and not disruptive to our program schedule.

Yes, you are welcome to call your child by phone at (707)255-8866, but please do so infrequently as it can be disruptive to our program schedule.

No, unless the Club is operating a School Year Day Camp you cannot drop your child off prior to School Release.

Our Clubs maintain an open door policy. We structure our programs so that it is difficult for k-6 children to leave our programs unattended but as a Recreation Center we are not technically allowed to prevent their departure from the Club. Children/Teens who leave the Club unattended may not be allowed to return.

Yes, you are welcome to pick up your child for appointments and return them to the Club provided those times do not conflict with our hours and is not disruptive to our program schedule.

No, members must find their own way to and from the club

The Club takes the safety of every child very seriously. Please review our safety policies Here.

Staff will attempt to reach the primary contacts of a sick or injured child immediately. In the case that a primary contact cannot be reached and depending on the severity of the illness or injury the Club may choose to call 911.

Play dates must be scheduled in advance and outside of the Clubs operations. In the case that a child is to be picked up by someone not on your list parents are required to notify the club by phone during club hours on the day in question. Guest pickups will be required to provide a valid for of Picture Identification prior to release.

Late pick ups happen. The club retains the right to charge repeated instances at the rate of $2 per minute per child left on site after official closing hours. If you are running late PLEASE call the site to notify us in advance.

Medication of any kind is not allowed on our sites. Our staff are prohibited from administering or providing medication of any kind. If your child requires special attention please speak with your sites Program or Unit Director.